MID ATLANTIC ARTS FOUNDATION: The guidelines and online application for the next grant round of the French-American Jazz Exchange (FAJE) program are now available.

FAJE supports projects jointly conceived by French and American professional musicians that encourage artistic exploration, foster intercultural dialogue and contribute to the dynamism of jazz as an art form.

The application deadline is May 27, 2016 for projects taking place between September 1, 2016 and December 31, 2017.

Check out the full details here: http://bit.ly/22iPfrJ

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Art Enables holiday show…with trimmings

Let it snow

Forget muzak. We have something way better. Thanks to two wonderful fans-who-love-to-cook, our annual holiday show will feature not just the artwork you love and the gift items your friends love but also “food to shop by” (including fried chicken in honor of Eileen Schofield whose artwork you see here).

“Let it snow!”

Annual Holiday Show

The holiday spirit at its best!

 Saturday, December 3, 2011, 2 to 4 pm

stamped logo

2204 Rhode Island Ave NE, WDC 20018 

http://www.art-enables.org     free entrance    free parking

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D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities Announces $3.7 Million in Grants for FY 2012

227 grants awarded to local artists and nonprofit arts organizations

Mayor Vincent C. Gray is pleased to join the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities (DCCAH) in announcing the 227 grants awarded to local artists and nonprofit arts organizations for fiscal year 2012. The awards total $3.7 million, stretching across all eight wards of the District.

The awards reflect eight of the nine grant programs DCCAH administers – Grants-In-Aid, Festivals and City Arts Projects, Arts Education Program, East of the River, Individual Artist Grant, Community Arts, UPSTART and Cultural Facilities Projects. The ninth program, Public Art Building Communities, which is available to individuals and organizations to create and install permanent or temporary public artwork that enhances District neighborhoods, has a rolling deadline and is not reflected in the $3.7 million total.

“We’re excited about the synergy that the arts have created in our communities despite economic challenges,” said Lionell Thomas, Executive Director of the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities. He continued, “We feel it’s important to provide essential funding that benefits the city’s growing arts community and to also showcase the wealth of talent and cultural energy reflected in this year’s recipients.”

In September 2011, the DCCAH received 522 eligible applications requesting over $15 million in funding. The resulting funding rate of 43 percent of eligible applications reflects both the significant demand for support while reflecting the ongoing vitality of the nonprofit arts community in the face of current financial challenges.

Despite economic woes, the DCCAH was able to fund a broad spectrum of exciting projects. These projects will contribute to the District’s art community that provides an economic impact of over $746 million to the city.

Examples of projects funded are:

$5,000: KIPP DC is an organization that has the best interest of children and families at the heart of its mission. KIPP will receive funds to support the purchase of barres, mirrors and a dance floor for KIPP DC Community Arts Center located at 4837 Benning Road, SE where CityDance Ensemble will offer dance instruction to KIPP DC students and the broader Ward 7 community.

$7,000, Critical Exposure: Two photographers with backgrounds in education policy, teaching, and community organizing founded Critical Exposure in 2004. Critical Exposure’s mission is to teach youth to use the power of photography and their own voices to advocate for the opportunities and resources they need to succeed. Through partnerships with schools and youth-serving organizations, they empower youth to participate in the democratic process using an innovative and compelling approach that combines art and advocacy to facilitate youth empowerment, public engagement, and policy change.

$5,000, Henry VI Readings: By focusing on works with profound themes, complex characters and poetic language written by Shakespeare, his contemporaries and the playwrights he influenced, the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s (STC) artistic mission is unique among theatre companies: to present classic theatre of scope and size in an imaginative, skillful and accessible American style that honors the playwrights’ language and intentions while viewing their work through a 21st-century lens.

$12,500, Words Beats & Life: The Words Beats Life teach-in is a space for the development, presentation and preservation of a new level of emerging, but high quality, hip-hop arts (music, visual art, dance etc.), and scholarship. The events used to reach non-traditional arts audiences include: Bumrush the Boards: Hip-Hop Chess Tournament, now going into its sixth year.

Please see our complete listing of artists and organizations funded for FY 2012:

Program Grantee Ward Amount
Arts Education Program:
AEP Marissa Long 1 $1,050.00
AEP Assane Konte 5 $3,250.00
AEP The Parkmont School 4 $3,250.00
AEP Cathedral Choral Society of Washington, DC 3 $3,500.00
AEP The Textile Museum 2 $4,740.00
AEP Mentors of Minorities in Education 1 $4,976.00
AEP Thurgood Marshall Academy 8 $7,500.00
AEP Critical Exposure 1 $9,000.00
AEP City at Peace, Inc 1 $15,000.00
AEP DC Scores 2 $15,000.00
AEP Dance Place 5 $15,000.00
AEP Hope House 4 $15,000.00
AEP Multi-Media Training Institute 5 $15,000.00
AEP National Building Museum 6 $15,000.00
AEP Split This Rock 2 $15,000.00
AEP The See Forever Foundation 7 $15,000.00
AEP Washington Youth Choir 2 $15,000.00
AEP Words Beats & Life 1 $15,000.00
AEP Young Playwrights Theater, Inc. 1 $16,250.00
AEP Washington Bach Consort 2 $17,364.00
AEP Choral Arts Society of Washington 3 $18,000.00
AEP Folger Shakespeare Library 6 $18,000.00
AEP GALA Hispanic Theatre 1 $18,000.00
AEP Hung Tao Choy Mei Leadership Institute 1 $18,000.00
AEP Latin American Youth Center, Inc. 1 $18,000.00
AEP Live It Learn It 6 $18,000.00
AEP The Ellington Fund 2 $18,000.00
AEP Trustees of the Corcoran Gallery of Art 2 $18,000.00
AEP Turning the Page 2 $18,000.00
AEP Washington Drama Society, Inc. (dba Arena Stage) 6 $18,000.00
AEP Youth Organizations United to Rise 4 $18,000.00
AEP Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington. Inc 7 $19,500.00
AEP City Arts, Inc. 1 $19,500.00
AEP PEN/Faulkner Foundation 8 $19,500.00
AEP Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz 3 $19,500.00
AEP Washington Performing Arts Society 2 $19,500.00
AEP CityDance Ensemble 2 $21,000.00
AEP DC Youth Orchestra Program 4 $21,000.00
AEP National Building Museum 6 $21,000.00
AEP The Patricia M. Sitar Center for the Arts 1 $21,000.00
AEP The Phillips Collection 2 $21,000.00
AEP The Selma M. Levine School of Music 3 $21,000.00
AEP The Washington Ballet 3 $21,000.00
Community Arts Grant:
CAG The Georgetown Theatre Company 2 $1,000.00
CAG Friends of Peirce Mill 3 $1,500.00
CAG Joy Jones 5 $2,434.50
CAG Capital City Symphony 6 $2,500.00
CAG Jocelyn Frank 1 $2,500.00
CAG Smithsonian Institution’s Anacostia Community Museum 8 $2,500.00
CAG The In Series, Inc. 1 $2,500.00
CAG Washington Sculptors Group 3 $2,500.00
CAG Abraham and Laura Lisner Home for Aged Women 3 $3,023.50
CAG Kim Roberts 1 $3,200.00
CAG Dog and Pony DC ,Inc. 4 $3,750.00
CAG Joy of Motion Dance Center, Inc. 3 $4,000.00
CAG The Textile Museum 2 $4,000.00
CAG Patrick McDonough 6 $4,750.00
CAG Audrey L. Brown 2 $4,805.00
CAG Teatro De La Luna (Moon Theatre) 4 $4,950.00
CAG Sandra Y. Johnson 5 $4,990.00
CAG African Continuum Theatre Coalition 5 $5,000.00
CAG Capitol Movement, Inc. 4 $5,000.00
CAG Dance Institute of Washington 1 $5,000.00
CAG Sukumar Srinivasan (Indian Visions) 1 $5,000.00
CAG Teaching for Change 1 $5,000.00
CAG The Inkwell 2 $5,000.00
CAG The Shakespeare Theatre 6 $5,000.00
CAG Trustees of the Corcoran Gallery of Art 2 $5,000.00
CAG Washington DC Jewish Community Center, Inc. 2 $5,000.00
CAG William Stephens 2 $5,000.00
CAG Woolly Mammoth Theater Company 6 $5,000.00
CAG Free Minds Book Club and Writing Workshop 2 $8,000.00
CAG Holly Bass 1 $8,000.00
CAG Maru Montero Dance Company 1 $8,000.00
CAG Rex Weil 3 $8,000.00
CAG Ruth Stenstrom 1 $8,000.00
CAG The Selma M. Levine School of Music 3 $8,000.00
CAG Theater Alliance of Washington 6 $8,000.00
CAG Washington Bach Consort 2 $8,000.00
CAG Washington Storytellers 1 $8,000.00
CAG Young Playwrights Theater, Inc. 1 $8,000.00
CAG Building Bridges Across the River 8 $10,000.00
CAG DC Blues Society, Inc 7 $10,000.00
CAG KanKouran West African Dance Co. 1 $10,000.00
CAG Miriam’s Kitchen, Inc. 2 $10,000.00
CAG Pan American Symphony Orchestra 5 $10,000.00
CAG Solas Nua, Inc. 2 $10,000.00
CAG Words Beats & Life 1 $10,000.00
Cultural Facilites Projects:
CFP Capitol Hill Arts Workshop 6 $5,000.00
CFP Kipp DC Community Arts Center 7 $5,000.00
CFP GALA Hispanic Theatre 1 $6,211.55
CFP Washington District of Columbia Jewish Community Center, Inc 2 $8,000.00
CFP Building Bridges Across the River 8 $9,000.00
CFP Dance Institute of Washington 1 $10,800.00
CFP Kirov Academy of Ballet of Washington, DC 5 $12,750.00
CFP Atlas Performing Arts Center 6 $15,340.00
CFP Arch Development Corporation 8 $16,743.20
CFP The Shakespeare Theatre 6 $17,500.00
CFP Dance Place 5 $30,000.00
CFP Meridian International Center 1 $30,000.00
CFP Howard Theatre Restoration, Inc. 2 $40,000.00
CFP The Old Naval Hospital Foundation 6 $40,000.00
CFP The Washington Ballet 3 $40,000.00
CFP The Selma M. Levine School of Music 3 $47,655.25
CFP Sixth & I Historic Synagogue 2 $50,000.00
CFP The Studio Theatre, Inc. 2 $50,000.00
CFP Trustees of the Corcoran Gallery of Art 2 $50,000.00
East of the River:
EOR Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital 2 $4,500.00
EOR National Hand Dance Association 8 $7,335.00
EOR Young Playwright’s Theatre, Inc. 1 $9,000.00
EOR The Essential Theatre 2 $11,089.00
EOR PEN/Faulkner Foundation 8 $12,000.00
EOR CityDance Ensemble 2 $14,826.00
EOR Serenity Players 8 $15,000.00
EOR Sewing Opportunities Never Ending (S.O.N.E.) 8 $15,000.00
EOR Smithsonian Institution’s Anacostia Community Museum 8 $15,000.00
EOR The Washington Ballet 3 $15,000.00
EOR DC Creative Writing Workshop, Inc. 8 $20,000.00
EOR East of the River Boys and Girls Steelband 7 $20,000.00
EOR The Selma M. Levine School of Music 3 $20,000.00
EOR Life Pieces To Masterpieces, Inc 7 $21,250.00
Festivals and City Arts Projects:
FCAP The In Series, Inc. 1 $5,000.00
FCAP Transformer, Inc. 2 $7,250.00
FCAP Post Classical Ensemble 3 $9,000.00
FCAP Atlas Performing Arts Center 6 $10,000.00
FCAP Capital Fringe Inc. 2 $10,000.00
FCAP Trustees of the Corcoran Gallery of Art 2 $10,000.00
FCAP DC Film Alliance 2 $12,000.00
FCAP French-American Cultural Foundation 2 $13,750.00
FCAP GALA Hispanic Theatre 1 $18,000.00
FCAP Cultural Development Corporation of the District of Columbia 2 $20,000.00
FCAP Solas Nua, Inc. 2 $20,000.00
FCAP Washington District of Columbia Jewish Community Center, Inc 2 $20,000.00
FCAP Cultural Tourism DC 2 $27,500.00
FCAP Dakshina/Daniel Phoenix Singh Company 4 $27,500.00
FCAP Dance Institute of Washington 1 $27,500.00
FCAP Dance Place 5 $27,500.00
FCAP Festivals DC, Ltd 2 $27,500.00
FCAP Ford’s Theatre Society 2 $27,500.00
FCAP FotoWeekDC 2 $27,500.00
FCAP Step Afrika! USA, Inc. 6 $27,500.00
FCAP The Shakespeare Theatre 6 $27,500.00
FCAP Washington Performing Arts Society 2 $27,500.00
FCAP John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts 2 $30,000.00
FCAP Washington Bach Consort 2 $30,000.00
GIA Capitol Hill Arts Workshop 6 $3,750.00
GIA Taffety Punk Theatre, Inc. 6 $5,000.00
GIA The Thomas Circle Singers 2 $5,000.00
GIA Friends of Fillmore Arts Center 2 $6,000.00
GIA Federal City Performing Arts Association, Inc. 2 $6,250.00
GIA Transformer, Inc. 2 $6,250.00
GIA Critical Exposure 1 $7,000.00
GIA Arch Development Corporation 8 $7,500.00
GIA The Washington Chorus 3 $9,000.00
GIA Washington Project for the Arts 2 $10,000.00
GIA Art Enables 5 $11,250.00
GIA Cultural Tourism DC 2 $12,500.00
GIA International Arts and Artists 2 $12,500.00
GIA Opera Lafayette 6 $12,500.00
GIA Smith Farm Center for the Healing Arts 1 $12,500.00
GIA Solas Nua, Inc. 2 $12,500.00
GIA Words Beats & Life 1 $12,500.00
GIA Constellation Theatre Company 2 $15,000.00
GIA City Arts, Inc. 1 $15,000.00
GIA Cultural Development Corporation of the District of Columbia 2 $15,000.00
GIA Dance Institute of Washington 1 $15,000.00
GIA DC Youth Orchestra Program 4 $15,000.00
GIA Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital 2 $15,000.00
GIA Festivals DC, Ltd 2 $15,000.00
GIA Free Minds Book Club and Writing Workshop 2 $15,000.00
GIA SpeakeasyDC 1 $15,000.00
GIA The Textile Museum 2 $15,000.00
GIA The Theatre Lab School of the Dramatic Arts 2 $15,000.00
GIA The Washington Ballet 3 $15,000.00
GIA The Washington National Opera 2 $15,000.00
GIA Washington District of Columbia Jewish Community Center, Inc 2 $15,000.00
GIA Atlas Performing Arts Center 6 $17,500.00
GIA Building Bridges Across the River 8 $17,500.00
GIA Capital Fringe Inc. 2 $17,500.00
GIA Joy of Motion Dance Center, Inc. 3 $17,500.00
GIA PEN/Faulkner Foundation 8 $17,500.00
GIA Step Afrika! USA, Inc. 6 $17,500.00
GIA The Phillips Collection 2 $17,500.00
GIA The Selma M. Levine School of Music 3 $17,500.00
GIA Washington Drama Society, Inc. (dba Arena Stage) 6 $17,500.00
GIA CityDance Ensemble 2 $20,000.00
GIA National Symphony Orchestra Association 2 $20,000.00
GIA The Studio Theatre, Inc. 2 $20,000.00
GIA Young Playwrights Theater, Inc. 1 $20,000.00
GIA Life Pieces To Masterpieces, Inc 7 $20,500.00
GIA The Shakespeare Theatre 6 $22,500.00
GIA Woolly Mammoth Theater Company 6 $22,500.00
GIA John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts 2 $25,000.00
GIA The Patricia M. Sitar Center for the Arts 1 $25,000.00
Individual Artist Grants:
IAG Alan Sharpe 1 $2,000.00
IAG Michelle Jones 7 $2,837.50
IAG Shawn Short 7 $2,837.50
IAG Samuel A. Miranda 4 $3,325.00
IAG Amy Oden 4 $3,500.00
IAG Dewey Oritz Jr. 1 $3,500.00
IAG Helanius J Wilkins 1 $3,500.00
IAG Katherine Jordan 6 $3,500.00
IAG Kim Roberts 1 $3,500.00
IAG Robert Michael Oliver 5 $3,500.00
IAG Roya Bahrami 1 $3,500.00
IAG Sean Hennessey 5 $3,500.00
IAG Wendy Thorbjornsen 5 $3,500.00
IAG Assane Konte 5 $4,250.00
IAG Christon Bacon 1 $4,250.00
IAG Daniel Phoenix Singh 4 $4,250.00
IAG Dolen Perkins-Valdez 3 $4,250.00
IAG James Balls 2 $4,250.00
IAG James F. Byers Jr. 7 $4,250.00
IAG John Moletress 6 $4,250.00
IAG Karen L.B. Evans 5 $4,250.00
IAG Lada Galina-Gabrovska 2 $4,250.00
IAG Marc Anthony Nelson 6 $4,250.00
IAG Dave Lilling 2 $5,000.00
IAG Jonathan Harris Gann 2 $5,000.00
IAG Norman Allen 2 $5,000.00
IAG Regie Cabico 1 $5,000.00
UPSTART Program:
UPS Dance Place 5 TBD
UPS Festivals DC, Ltd 2 TBD
UPS Step Afrika! USA, Inc. 6 TBD
UPS Washington Bach Consort 2 TBD
UPS Young Playwrights Theater, Inc. 1 TBD
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DC Music Salon. The Bayou: DC’s Killer Joint

DC music lovers,
“When are you gonna do The Bayou, man?!” After each DC Music Salon’s successful program on area venues (the Howard Theater, 9:30 Club, dc space) I’ve been asked this question. Now we can answer… on Wednesday, December 14, from 7-9pm!

If you went to a rock and roll show in DC from 1953 to 1998 in Washington, DC, there’s a good chance you have a story about a great night at The Bayou and know why the place was more than super sound, flawless sight lines and cool staff. For nearly fifteen years, filmmaker David Lilling and company have been making a documentary film called “The Bayou: DC’s Killer Joint,” about this iconic venue. It’s nearly completed, and DC Music Salon is lucky enough to get a sneak peek.

When The Bayou closed in 1998, it was the longest continuously running rock club in DC. The old building, now the site of Loews Georgetown movie theater, hosted a staggering list of bands before they were household names (Bruce Springsteen, the Police, KISS, the Ramones, Joan Jett, etc.). U2’s first American club date, Billy Joel’s live album, and Eva Cassidy’s final performance were at The Bayou. Countless great DC bands gigged there often — Chuck Brown, Slickee Boys, Everything, Nighthawks, Tommy Keene, Nils Lofgren, and Dave Matthews Band come to mind.

In the many years when it was a jazz club, Rudy Vallee, Henry Fonda, Gary Cooper, John and Ted Kennedy, LBJ, and Bob Dole listened to jazz there — from Dixieland to Count Basie, Buddy Rich, Lester Young, and Coleman Hawkins. And we’ve not mentioned the strippers or the fact that Mr. T. was a bouncer! Supposedly Mickey Mantle and Robert Plant were both kicked out (not together)! The list of people and stories goes on and on. In addition to screening live footage and interviews, the filmmakers, owners, managers, patrons, and performers will be there to share stories. We hope you’ll join in the fun.

Watha T. Daniel, Shaw Library

1630 7th Street Northwest 

Wednesday, December 14, from 7-9pm

DC Music Salon?
Salon, noun, “a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine their taste and increase their knowledge through conversation.”

DC Music Salon is a free film & book series about music, featuring discussions with expert guests. We show films and speak with musicians, filmmakers, authors and other fellow music lovers. These aren’t lectures, and all are welcome to attend and join the conversation. Most meetings start with a quick introduction of a guest or topic, then show appropriate footage; we may discuss a relevant book and likely ask questions of our experts.

Upcoming Salons: February 8 – Sonny Stitt, April 11 — bluegrass, June 13 — Phil Ochs, all from 7-9pm at the beautiful Watha T. Daniel Library in Shaw, 1630 7th St NW. Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=116135141822147, is the best way to learn more about DC Music Salon and upcoming events.

Washington, DC has a musical heritage second to none and our salon celebrates it. Spread the word and see you there!

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Double Nickels Theatre Company Presents “Scattered Pictures”

Debut performance of the extraordinary stories of seven veterans serving in World War II and the Korean War

 Audiences can experience the breathtaking stories of seven extraordinary veterans when the Double Nickels Theatre Company presents, “Scattered Pictures” at The Atlas Performing Arts Center on Saturday, November 26, 2011 at 3:00 PM.

Their heroic stories have never been celebrated.  These stories tell of a courageous man declared dead and later found to be a prisoner of war.  Another recounts an officer who served in Asia as part of the majority African-American troops who built the 1,000 mile Ledo Road between India, Burma and China. We are also transported into the lives of the oldest living African-American West Point graduate and a boy who became a Boy Scout, a Boy Scout who became a general and a general who became a successful businessman. We experience the phenomenal story of a fighter pilot and his escort, a Tuskegee Airman, who met for the first time decades after their mission when they were 75 years old. And all these remarkable men are alive today to help us tell and relive their stories.

Tickets for “Scattered Pictures” are $30 and are available at atlasarts.org.

A reception to host several of these veterans immediately follows the performance.

What:Scattered Pictures

When: Saturday, November 26, 2011 at 3 PM.

Where: Atlas Performing Arts Center, 1333 H Street, NE Washington, DC 20002

For more information, log onto: www.atlasarts.org

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