Featured Artist: Beat Ya Feet Kings

This week’s featured artist has taken over prime time by storm.

Three weeks ago, the Beat Ya Feet Kings couldn’t fill 20 chairs at the Petworth Branch Library. But last night, DC’s very own go-go dance troup captivated an audience of millions of Americans tuning in from their living rooms, when they premiered as one of the nine dance crews from around the country on MTV’s reality dance show, “Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew.”

The show, better known as “ABDC,” ranked number one in its time frame among 12-to-34 year-olds and the Season 3 finale drew more than 3 million viewers.

Beat Ya Feet Kings also performed in our Art Unplugged series earlier this summer at Artomatic (we won’t claim to have discovered them…).

Beating your feet- a high speed dance marked by stomping footwork and jerky arm movements-emerged from DC’s go-go scene in the ’90s, around when the music lost some of its groove and adopted a faster, more up-tempo bounce.

“People in New York call it ‘pots and pans music,'” says Porche “Queen P” Anthony, 26, a member of the Beat Ya Feet Kings, in a recent Washington Post Article.  She says the culmination of the dancing and the music, however, will make people appreciate go-go culture and where it comes from.

“In DC you think about politics and the White House and monuments. But go-go is something that probably has never reached the White House, has probably never even been around the Capitol. Somebody wants to come visit DC, and they’re a tourist, they don’t say, ‘Hey, take me to Southeast and Southside and the ‘hood.’ They want you to take them to where all this hype comes from. And go-go doesn’t come from the hype of what DC looks like to everybody else. It comes from the kid on the side of the street banging on the trash can.”

We wish our very own Beat Ya Feet Kings the best of luck this season!!


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Since 1968, the District of Columbia Commission on the Arts and Humanities (DCCAH) has developed and promoted local artists, organizations and activities.
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