Latines / Latinhood

February 7-13th, 2011

Grand Celebration / Reading / Music: Sat. Feb. 12th from 5-10pm. No RSVP necessary!

Beverage and appetizers Friday 11 & Saturday 12.
Other hours: Starting Feb. 7th:
M-Th 9a-5p, F 9a-10p, Sat 5p-10p, Su 1-4

The Consulate of El Salvador
2332 Wisconsin Ave. NW,
Georgetown, WDC

More info:, 301-910-8952

Latines / Latinhood
Curated by Ronald Chacón

A collective of 13 DC-based artists share their vision of what it means to live, feel, grow and evolve as latinos … coming into a new reality and a new life,  in a place where the language is different, the flavors different and everything takes shape differently. Here and there at once. Your self-identity and present reality in a state of conflict.

Latines / latinhood: Translate it as a step first and a process that follows, a need to assimilate to speak, to understand in order to explain, to become another while still anchored in your essential self, all part of the process. Thirteen artists, adopted by DC, adapted to DC yet still living in the shadow of Cervantes. First mere steps, then a process, Latines / latinhood gives testimony to the experience of what they’ve seen, heard, touched, felt – translated and transposed through word, photography, painting, music and installation. Latines, latinidador the certainty that to understand again is to rearrange your world.

Participating, artists include: Elva Lovos, Lázaro Batista, Francisco Rosario, Mauricio López, Ronald Chacón, Iván Mendizábal, Luis Peralta, Wilfredo Valladares, Katya Miranda y Alberto Roblest.  Saturday reception poetry readings by Quique Avilés, Sami Miranda & Iván Mendizábal, with music by Pepe González.

The exhibition opens February 7th and runs through February 13th in the General Consultate of El Salvador in Georgetown. Forty percent of sales from the exhibition are directed to the Fondo Solidario para los Salvadoreños en el Exterior, FOSSALEX” or the Solidarity Fund for El Salvadorans Living in the Exterior, a non-profit whose mission is to help families with repatriation or funeral expenses of departed family members passing in the DC Metro area.

About Art(202)

Since 1968, the District of Columbia Commission on the Arts and Humanities (DCCAH) has developed and promoted local artists, organizations and activities.
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