The Art of Science Learning Conferences 2011

Washington DC – April 6-7

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History

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Preliminary Agenda Now Posted

SPECIAL $99 1-DAY RATE for Classroom Teachers for the First Day of the DC conference only

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Post-conference tours available for full-conference registrants


Join us for one of the Art of Science Learning conferences being held this spring in Washington DC, Chicago and San Diego.

Learn new ways to use methods from the creative arts to develop hands-on, imaginative approaches to science education, attract students to the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics) and retain their interest.

The Art of Science Learning is an NSF-funded project convening scientists, artists, educators, business leaders, researchers and policymakers in three conferences this Spring to explore how the arts can be engaged to strengthen STEM skills and spark creativity in the 21st-Century American workforce.

The 1½-day conferences are hands-on, workshop-based forums organized around three interactive tracks that will: showcase interdisciplinary methods using arts-based learning to develop creativity, critical thinking and communication skills in the future STEM workforce (Educational Practice); share current research into the impact of arts-based approaches on science education (Research); and explore the connection between the arts, innovation and American economic competitiveness (Workforce Development).

A special opportunity exists for classroom teachers to attend the first day of the DC conference for a special one-day conference rate of $99. Follow the registration links on and register for the one-day rate on the registration site.

While the agenda is still being finalized, the conference will feature keynotes by renowned educator Susan Sclafani, Vice President for Programs of the Pearson Foundation, and neuroscientist/jazz musician Dr. Charles Limb; a conversation between Adam Bly (scientist and founder/CEO of Seed Media Group) and Paolo Antonelli (Senior Curator of the Department of Architecture and Design at New Yorkʼs Museum of Modern Art); and a unique Metaphorming Workshop led by Dr. Todd Siler, where participants will collaboratively model and explore ideas using arts and science-based hands- on techniques.

For more information on the NSF-funded project as a whole, including community-building with science educators, the workforce development report and the development of a research agenda outlining strategies needed to assess the impact of this approach to scientific literacy and STEM skill development, see our website at

For questions, please contact David Green at


About Art(202)

Since 1968, the District of Columbia Commission on the Arts and Humanities (DCCAH) has developed and promoted local artists, organizations and activities.
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