NSO in Your Neighborhood: Columbia Heights ~ Call for Activity Requests

NSO in Your Neighborhood: Columbia Heights

Call for Activity Requests

The National Symphony Orchestra will collaborate with community organizations to present a number of performances and educational activities in Columbia Heights January 3-8, 2012.  The NSO is accepting requests for activities from organizations and venues in and around Columbia Heights.  The deadline for submissions is Friday, September 23.


For more information and to submit a request, visit http://www.kennedy-center.org/nso/community/NSO_iyn.cfm or email Warren Williams at wgwilliams@kennedy-center.org.  Please spread the word!

Programs Offered:

·         Chamber Music Performances: Small groups of NSO musicians perform classical music for adults and/or family audiences.

·         Night Clubs: Classical music can be enjoyed everywhere. NSO musicians perform in relaxed night clubs or other small venues for intimate musical experiences.

·         “In-School” Ensembles: A small group of musicians perform and demonstrate their instruments for a school program. Best for grades 1-8.

·         Community Service Performances: NSO musicians perform at various community venues (churches, businesses, etc.).

·         Conducting: NSO conductors or musicians work with and conduct college or high school small ensembles, orchestras, or bands.

·         Sectionals/Coachings: Musicians work with a group of students who play the same instrument on current repertoire (e.g. the NSO clarinetist would work with the clarinet section of your ensemble).

·         Clinics: NSO members coach groups on musical topics (intonations, reed making, etc.).

·         Master Classes: Individual students perform for an NSO musician who then critiques the performance and offers constructive advice for an audience of other students and teachers.

·         Pre-Concert Events: NSO members hold lectures and panel discussions before NSO concerts for audience members.

·         Method Workshops: Popular workshops include Suzuki string classes or Alexander Technique.

·         Artistic Exchanges: Explore the diverse forms of music native to your cultural heritage and how it has influenced classical music (Native American drumming, Mariachi bands, etc.).

·         Music Appreciation Classes: NSO members introduce students to classical music in fun and interactive classes.

·         Instrument “Petting Zoos”: Children get a hands-on experience with the various orchestral instruments.

·         Speakers Bureau: NSO members and staff speak at public events, at board meetings, with music teachers and principals, or at other special gatherings.

·         Arts Professionals Round Table: NSO staff members meet with other arts professionals to discuss topics of mutual interests and to share ideas.

·         Create Your Own: Have something else in mind? Come up with an idea or event and let us know! We will work to develop a program that suits your needs.


About Art(202)

Since 1968, the District of Columbia Commission on the Arts and Humanities (DCCAH) has developed and promoted local artists, organizations and activities.
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