ARTLAB+ Free Art/Technology Programs for Teens

This fall, the Hirshhorn Museum is offering free programs for teens. These workshops provide access to the latest equipment to help teens discover the intersections of art and technology. These workshops and clubs are called ARTLAB+ and treat teens as designers who explore art in the Hirshhorn and around D.C. before they create short films, photo series, animations, podcasts, and more. All programs are free and transportation assistance is available for DC students.

We encourage teens to sign up before October 2. They may sign up online here:

Art Breakers 
October 4–December 6, 
Tuesdays, 4:00–6:00 pm

Appropriation, hacking, remixing, and modding: Andy Warhol, whose work is on view this fall at the Hirshhorn, is just one of many artists who experimented with these techniques and practices in his artwork. Try it yourself using digital cameras, video and photo editing software and animation tools and create a new, original work of art by remixing art in the Hirshhorn’s collection.

Women Represented
October 5–December 7 
Wednesdays, 4:00–6:00 pm

Art is a powerful way to send your message to the world. Contemporary female artists often make statements about power, strength, and what it means to be woman today through their artwork. Decide what you want to say, and work with filmmaker Adoma Owusu to find a way to share it using video, photography, music, and/or animation.

Visual Storytelling
Single Session Workshops Saturdays, 12:00–3:00 pm

Tell your own story! Use words and images to bring artworks from the Hirshhorn’s collection to life. Each session has a different theme, and introduces new techniques and technologies. End products include video, animation, comics, photography, and podcasts.


About Art(202)

Since 1968, the District of Columbia Commission on the Arts and Humanities (DCCAH) has developed and promoted local artists, organizations and activities.
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