Dolores Kendrick – “A voice of discipline” from The Washington Post

Laureate seeks
to rejuvenate poetry’s place in the District


Ask Dolores Kendrick what makes a good poem, and be met with heavy silence.

This is, after all, a loaded question, and Kendrick, the District’s second poet laureate and an award-winning author, doesn’t take words lightly. Rather, she thinks deeply, speaks carefully and breathes deliberately, a practice in conversational recitation.

A teacher for most of her life — first in D.C. public schools, where she helped found the School Without Walls, and then for more than two decades at Phillips Exeter Academy, a private boarding school in New Hampshire — Kendrick seems acutely aware of the weight of words.

“Discipline,” she finally answers, “and that is a very strong word for me.”


Read the rest of the article in today’s Washington Post or view it online here.


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