OST fall vetting cycle is now open

The Office of Out-of-School Time (OST) is seeking strong community partners to provide afterschool programs in our schools.  OST also is welcoming all organizations that deliver services to students at their own facilities outside of school buildings and invites them to submit a vetting application as well.

The vetting cycle for new organizations to become afterschool service providers starting in the spring of SY 2011-2012 (January 2012) is now open. At this time we are accepting new applications, starting on September 26, 2011 until November 4, 2011.  Application submitted after November 4, 2011 will be considered for next school year.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

1. I only provide services during the regular school day. Do I take part in the vetting process? No. You can contact Shereen Williams, DCPS Director of Community Partnerships. E-mail: Shereen.williams@dc.gov

2. Will I receive funding if I am vetted? No, there is no funding attached to completing the vetting process or to signing a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with DCPS, nor you will become a vendor for DCPS through vetting.

3. Is this a mandatory process? DCPS is asking that all providers of afterschool services participate in the vetting process. The process is mandatory for those organizations that would like to access school buildings to deliver services to students. We cannot require neighborhood based organizations to take part in this process, but strongly urge them to participate.

4. What is the role of neighborhood based (off-site) providers? We cannot require neighborhood based providers to take part in this process, but we do hope that they will participate in order to form a solid relationship with DCPS. In doing so, DCPS can provide resource support to neighborhood based providers and can assist them, whether to work more effectively with our students or to reach more of our students.

5. I am currently an approved on-site provider. Is there a chance that I will not be invited back? Yes. If when you apply again the application review committee believes that your program is ineffective and/or does not meet the students’ needs, you will not be invited to work with DCPS students.

6. If I am vetted and am an on-site provider, am I guaranteed placement with a school? Yes. Please note that principals have input as well in placement of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in their schools.

7. What will DCPS contribute to my organization/program if I am vetted? DCPS will ensure that providers have access to appropriate student academic information so that they can plan effectively. DCPS will ensure that there is a coordinator of afterschool programs to facilitate operations of the providers in each school. DCPS will provide security, custodial services, and supper in schools.

8. Is there another round of vetting? Every year there are two vetting cycles. Each year during the fall (October to December) we will review the vetting applications of providers starting programming in the spring semester. During the spring (March to May) we will review the vetting applications of providers starting programming the following school year.

About Art(202)

Since 1968, the District of Columbia Commission on the Arts and Humanities (DCCAH) has developed and promoted local artists, organizations and activities.
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