ART(202) Journal

ART(202) Journal: SYEP Summer 2011


November 2010 ART(202) Journal: SYEP Edition


August ART(202) Journal: Higher Stars


June ART(202) Journal

32 Under 32

Available Now!

June’s ART(202) Journal gives rise to the 32 recipients of our Young Artist Grant Program.


Hyphen—Art as Identity

May’s ART(202) Journal explores the ways in which art allows for exposure, cohesion, fragmentation, building and examining the multiplicity of our identities; thus allowing for the most pluralistic sense of our being to become actualized.

Join Dana Tai Soon Burgess, Anu Yadav, Khanh H. Le, Jason Ignacio, Carmen C. Wong, Hannah Naomi Kim and Daniel Phoenix Singh as they explore the ways art interprets and reflects identity.


April ART(202) Journal: The 2010 Mayor’s Arts Awards

The 2010 Mayor’s Arts Awards

April’s ART(202) Journal featured the winners of the 2010 Mayor’s Arts Awards


March ART(202) Journal: The Community Issue

The Community Issue

March’s ART(202) Journal showcases one organization’s efforts to change communities and change lives. Words Beats & Life, a DC-based hip hop nonprofit, in partnership with DC Counts, are advocating for a brighter tomorrow through community engagement.

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