DJ Scientific: Making Something Out of Nothing

DCCAH asks DJ Scientific: hip hop comes out of the context of making something out of nothing, science is the understanding of how things work.

How do you see these two approaches to reality creating opportunities for growth and development? How do people from both worlds use their different points of view to come to similar conclusions?

My answer is pretty deep. If you put Hip-Hop in the context that it is making something from nothing, then you are basically equating the science of Hip-Hop to the eternal essence of mankind – a formless entity (basically nothing) which was given shape through God Consciousness. So the relationship between hip hop and science would be to understand the existence of man and his ability to create his own reality.

So, how do I see these two approaches to reality creating opportunities for growth and development? Well, if you merge hip hop and science, then you desire to understand how man creates. Once you master that understanding, you will realize that man is capable of anything because he has the power to create something from nothing through thought. Thus, opportunities for growth and development are infinite because the consciousness of man has endless possibilities. If you can conceive it in your consciousness, then you can manifest it in your reality. So, THINK BIG!! DESIRE BIG!! You have the power to create anything you conceive!

Putting hip hop in the context in which the question was stated, it is a science in and of itself. Therefore, the people “from both worlds” are actually of the same world – the world of science. So, it is not unlikely for people of the same world to often draw the same conclusion. This reminds me of a conversation I had a few years ago with Tha Teacha (Blastmaster KRS-ONE). We were talking in the context of the science of hip hop. I told him that my spin on it is this: in hip hop you have H-I-P H-O-P. All of those letters represent chemicals on the periodic table – Hydrogen, Iodine, Phosphorus, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Phosphorus. All of those are essential elements that comprise man – life! So, hip hop in my mind is the Science of Life! It was born from the experiences of inner city life. Since man is a growth-seeking being, hip hop has grown from a neighborhood presence in a community in the Bronx, NY to an entity that now has a global presence. So, hip hop  is all about growth and opportunities! Nuff said!

1 Response to DJ Scientific: Making Something Out of Nothing

  1. I believe that DJ Scientific is absolutly right, man can only create mentally.The universe is allways changing shapes from formless to form and back again, a complete cycle, everything that goes around come around. The only reason that anything seems new is because man himself uses his ifinite imagination to form and structure his mental energy through thought that comes out looking different because of his unique identity. The supreme personality gave him a unique identity somthing that no other creature has ( they have there own) but can not be yours and you cant be there’s ( Identity) so things seem new. So we can only create mentally which manifest itself on the physical level once we have thought of it.

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